Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Was Dying To Go Wii Wii's

So I finally bit the bullet and got myself a Wii. One of the best retail shopping decisions I have made in the past few years.

Not only is this thing fun to play with, but the consoles footprint in the TV Unit is so small you hardly need to move things around to get it in t here. The piano white looks amazing with most of the other hardware in the unit and the Silver plastic of the Wii Bar is the same as my LCD tv so I can't complain.

The games I've played so far:

  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Wii Sports
  • Wii Play
  • Crash Bandicoot Crapola or something like that.

With Mario Kart Wii came a plastic steering wheel shaped housing for the WiiMote, simply slide the WiiMote into the wheel and its like having one of those sensitive just like being there racing wheels. Sure you feel like a bit of a DORK holding this wheel up in the air like you did as a kid pretending to drive, but that soon wavers in favour of the fact you actually interacting with your new gaming machine.

I've also purchased myself a recharging station that plugs into the Wii's power pack. Not only is this solution elegant but it also leaves both USB ports available for controllers and keyboards when required. The bright Blue LED's that indicate when a controller is charging mimic the same colour as the Wii's DVD LED.

Which brings me to my next point. WiiConnect24... An idea that I personally think is fantastic. Why is fantastic? Well imagine that you need to remind yourself of something. Simply setup a email from your email client to be sent in the future at the time required and BOOM the DVD light flashes bright blue to let you know you have a new message to read :D Okay so its not that great, but its a nice feature non the less.

The WiiMote and Nun chuck are an absolute delight to use. Both easy to hold in the hand of a child and an adult, and in use they are very intuitive. The ability to store up to 10 of your Mii's (More on those later) inside the controller also allows playing games on a friends machine as yourself when ever or where ever you are.. Of course, providing you take the WiiMote with you.

Online okay is available for free.. that's right, completely free so you can play your mates whenever you like with no further ongoing costs such as those charge by M$ for their Live service.

At the moment all I'm seeing is pluses for this Console..; if i find a bad point, I'll let you know.