Sunday, December 28, 2008

Backing Up Wii Games

Having purhcased a USB Gecko some time ago from OZModChips and since updating my wii to the new 3.4 Firmware (I know... shouldn't have done that), it became difficult to backup my game collection via wifi.
With that in mind I decided to switch back to using the USB Gecko to get things rolling again.
I found on the USBGecko site ( a Wii mode ripper that claimed to be nice and fast and utilise the gecko's usb connection.
By following these steps, I am now able to once again backup my games and make sure they dont get scratched.
  1. Download the following package -
  2. Unzip the package to somewhere on your computer.
  3. Inside the ZIP File is a readme.txt file that will explain exactly what needs to be installed and to where.
  4. Once all is installed - Run the wiiripper
  5. Insert the disc you wish to backup into your wii
  6. Plug in your USBGecko to port B of your Wii
  7. Run the PC Application that comes in the zip file
  8. Click on the USB Menu and press the Connect button
  9. Select Single or Dual layer Wii Disc
  10. And press the backup button
  11. Set the location for the backup to be saved to
  12. Press OK
Sit back for four hours and wait for it all to happen.
Hope that helps someone new to the wii