Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wii Ramblings

So I've been messing around with the wii for quite some time now. And have come to a conclusion

Those waiting for Warranties to run out are wasting their time and money.

Look at it this way. Here in aus a wii sets you back roughly $388.
A modchip costs - $150 installed
So with that in mind... Wii + Modchip = 388 + 150 = $538

Now with those two items games have gone down in price from $40-$90 down to about the cost of a DVD.

So working on that theory... If we divide the number of games required to make $388 which is the price of a we, we get a figure of roughly 6 Games @ $70 a pop (Which most of the good games are priced at)

Considering I know some people with collections over 55 Games which if purhcased at that price would amount to $3850 ... thats the same as buying 9 Wii consoles with some change left over.

So why wait for warranty to run out when the savings your making on your "backups" more than pays for the wii quite a few times.

Have been playing with mPlayer on the wii and have to say its comming along in leaps and bounds. If only someone could get XBMC to run on the wii.. that would be heaven. A wifi Media Streamer small enough to take with you :D

The Blessed iPhone

Well its been quite some time since I actually updated this blog, so thought it was time to put some more words down.

I've been playing with my iPhone alot lately, and have not got it up to the stage where the only thing missing is GPS Turn-By-Turn.

Forward text messages - Check
MMS Messaging - Check
Turn-By-Turn - Not happening :(

So how did I do it... well with the use of jailbreaks and cydia software installer.

After Jailbreaking your phone the two apps you want to utilise are SwirlyMMS which takes care of the MMS Settings. And biteSMS.

biteSMS is made with the idea that you will purchase SMS credits from them and use the app to send text messages at a reduced rate. The other thing this application does is allow you to use your cellular carrier to send messages.

So with the app setup to use my carrier all I do is slide my finger over an existing message and a popup menu appears.

Select Forward and BOOM away goes the message to whomever I choose.

SwirlyMMS cost me $8 and was the best money i've ever spent.

The Swirly team are constantly updating the app with fixes and optimisations so its deffinatly worth a look.