Saturday, June 20, 2009

1ST Blog from iPhone

Figured I'd try a few apps out and see how well they work. This ones blogpress. Now to add a photo :)

-- Posted On The Go

Friday, June 19, 2009

iPhone 3.0 - MMS

Yes its true - After 2 years of waiting for a feature every other phone seems to have been capable of since late '03/early '04 we can finally send and recieve MMS using the iPhone.

I have to admit, the implementation has been done very well, however there seems to be a small bug, well at least with my phone there is.

When a contact sends an MMS regardless of if their name is stored in the contact list or not, I am shown the phone number of the sender and not the actual Contact Name.

All good if I'm expecting the mms, not so good as I havn't yet memorised every persons contact numbers. Nor do I have any intention of doing so. Would be interesting to know if anyone else is experiancing the same problem.

iPhone 3.0 - Now With Extra Tethering

Bye bye PDANET - By bye SmallProxy for iPhone.

Gone are the days where you needed to download and install extra apps to use your iPhone as a portable modem. Now you can use the inbuilt tethering option via either a usb connection or Bluetooth.

After having just updated my iPhone to 3.0 and finding the tethering option was disabled with Optus Australia and that I needed to contact them to enable it.. Bugger that I thought.

So I did my usual and found a very very helpful site that lets you download mobile configs straight to your iPhone without ever needing to go near iTunes or your mobile phone carrier to ask for permission *(ITS MY PHONE ANYWAYS)*

Follow these steps, and you too could be using Tethering on your iPhone.

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone
  2. Goto the following url:
  3. Click the Mobile Configs Download Button
  4. Select your Country
  5. Select your carrier from the list
  6. Press the Install Button that appears
  7. Press Accept or Replace depending on your previous settings.
  8. Press the Done button
  9. Goto Settings --> General --> Network --> Tethering
  10. Change the options as required

And there you have it, nice easy way to enable Tethering withotu needing to play with iTunes and downgrading and reflashing etc.