Wednesday, December 16, 2009

About F#$%ing Time!!!

Finally it would seem, someone has had the same great idea I did. However the difference being this person knew how to implement the solution.

Tired of having to lug around a seperate USB key or hard drive when you always have your iPhone with you?

Well tire no more, as Dmytro of has come up with an ingenious way of allowing you to utilise your iPhone as a USB Mass Storage Device.

Getting USB Drive Beta3 is quite simple.

Obviously you will need a JailBroken iPhone.

Open cydia and add the following repo:

Once thats done, simply select USB Drive Beta 3 and install.
Restart the phone and BOOYA!!! USB Drive for iphone.

Now there are some issues with Windows Pc's that have itunes installed.

Not sure if this was solved in Beta 3 however in case its not here's a solution:

1. It works so well, that you can even set the partition to active , and boot your pc using your iphone (e.g. with grub4dos and several ISOs or Windows 7/Vista/XP setup)

2. In every Windows system, if you have iTunes installed, in order for the USB Mass Storage to work properly, you need to go to Device Manager, select the Apple Mobile usb driver, choose update driver , manuall, select from list, and select the secondary available driver "usb mass storage". This will make iphone dissappear from iTunes. Do the same using the other driver to bring it back.