Saturday, August 08, 2009

DVD43 Stuffs 360 Ripping

Well after making myself look like a douche in front of friends I now know why I couldn't get games to rip. DVD43 sits between the drive and the computer and blocks xbox backup creator from seeing the disc in the drive. Why does this ocur.. well derrr... (Can't believe I didn't think of this)... When the xbox disc is presented to the PC, the computer sees the video partition only. So of course DVD43 kicks in to be helpful and tries to unencrypt the video partition.. not gunna happen..... And of course because of this, the disc becomes invisible to xbc.

Useful only has one L

Who says you never learn new things. After many moons of incorrect spelling I learn today that useful only has one L. Now that I think of it and actually look at it, OF COURSE IT ONLY HAS ONE L...

Thanks R3Dux for letting me know.