Sunday, September 06, 2009

Time to build a NAS

So I have a heap o computer crap laying around the house, a good few hard drives, none of which are used for anything any more. Perhaps its time I take stock of everything I have, Install freeNAS onto the fastest box I have, give it as much ram as possible and go from there.


Although whatever NAS solution I do use it needs to fill the following roles all in one:

  • WebServer
  • SSH Server
  • DNS Server
  • Kai Server (For playing XBOX, 360 and PSP online without Live accounts)
  • Some form of network monitoring
  • Security Camera Monitoring
  • Mumbles Support (OS X Growl notifications) - This one send notifications to my iPhone
  • Obviously FileSharing
  • Print Server
  • Fax2Email wouldn't hurt
  • CallerID Announcment to xbmc would also be nice
  • Asterisk Server - Although this might go into its own box
  • Torrent Server (Transmission will suffice here)

So thats the list - Time to find the possibilities.

iPhone Jailbreak - No Signal

What a pain in the arse this is! I've finally got Pwnage Tool running on my mac, and i went through the steps of creating what I think is a fantastic ipsw file containing not only the jailbreak software but a 1GB sys partition and some apps that I need installed from the get go such as OpenSSH and OpenSSL. The creation of said firmware worked without a problem, installed on the phone without a problem... Now I find the phone has No Signal. Testing this theory by calling my phone... VoiceMail... DAMN IT!!!!!!

So whats the problem all of a sudden... one frikkin tick box in PwnageTool I inadvertantly forgot to untick.

Theres an active phone option that I dont need to have ticked and well I left it ticked. So this morning I fired up the mac, re-created the firmware and when I goes home at lunch time i'll install and see what happens.

Peace Out!