Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stop iPhone Worms - How to change password

Its amazing the number of people who dont know how or why they should change their default openssh password on their iPhone.

Why should you do it: Would you want someone unknown to yourself to be able to read every little piece of data stored on your phone? If you answer NO to this then thats reason enough to change the password.

Recently however a number of iPhone viruses or Worms as they are called have been created specifically that target users who havn't changed their root and mobile user passwords.

So heres the step to take to make the changes without needing to install mobileterminal on your phone as this seems to not function correctly when you have rockapp installed.

(Also posted these on www.xsellize.com)

1. Load Putty (Ssh client - Google It)
2. Enter the IP address of your iPhone into putty and press Open.
3. You will be presented with a prompt that says Login:
4. Enter "root" as the username and "alpine" as the password
5. Once logged in type passwd
6. For OLD PASSWORD you enter alpine
7. New password can be what ever you like
Thats the root password changed.. now to change the user mobile password
8. Now type in passwd mobile and press Enter
9. Enter OLD PASSWORD as alpine
10. make the new password what ever you like.

Mac Users
1. Open mobile terminal
2. type ssh root@IPADDRESSOFIPHONE and press enter
3. Follow the above steps from 3 onwards.