Sunday, September 13, 2009

iPhone 3.1 Jailbreak - Comming Soon

Still waiting on the frikkin 3.1 iPhone 3G update. Have updated to iTunes 9 which seemingly allows me to rearrange springboards icons. I'm not about to start using it yet though, have to wait for the Jailbreak before i'm upgrading to 3.1. No point upgrading to loose all the apps I use very day.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Time to build a NAS

So I have a heap o computer crap laying around the house, a good few hard drives, none of which are used for anything any more. Perhaps its time I take stock of everything I have, Install freeNAS onto the fastest box I have, give it as much ram as possible and go from there.


Although whatever NAS solution I do use it needs to fill the following roles all in one:

  • WebServer
  • SSH Server
  • DNS Server
  • Kai Server (For playing XBOX, 360 and PSP online without Live accounts)
  • Some form of network monitoring
  • Security Camera Monitoring
  • Mumbles Support (OS X Growl notifications) - This one send notifications to my iPhone
  • Obviously FileSharing
  • Print Server
  • Fax2Email wouldn't hurt
  • CallerID Announcment to xbmc would also be nice
  • Asterisk Server - Although this might go into its own box
  • Torrent Server (Transmission will suffice here)

So thats the list - Time to find the possibilities.

iPhone Jailbreak - No Signal

What a pain in the arse this is! I've finally got Pwnage Tool running on my mac, and i went through the steps of creating what I think is a fantastic ipsw file containing not only the jailbreak software but a 1GB sys partition and some apps that I need installed from the get go such as OpenSSH and OpenSSL. The creation of said firmware worked without a problem, installed on the phone without a problem... Now I find the phone has No Signal. Testing this theory by calling my phone... VoiceMail... DAMN IT!!!!!!

So whats the problem all of a sudden... one frikkin tick box in PwnageTool I inadvertantly forgot to untick.

Theres an active phone option that I dont need to have ticked and well I left it ticked. So this morning I fired up the mac, re-created the firmware and when I goes home at lunch time i'll install and see what happens.

Peace Out!