Friday, January 23, 2009

Downgrading Wii From 3.4 to 3.2 - Error 1035 *WORKING FIX*

After stupidly upgrading my wii to 3.3E firmware, and finding out the trucha signing bug had been cleaned up. I wanted to find a way to take myself back to 3.2.

So reading a few guides on the net, the first step always seemed to be updated to 3.4. No idea why this is required, but thats what I did.

Next stepp install a few wad files, one of which is called cios_fix.wad and requires a speical IOS16 wad manager to install.

This is where things stopped working. Everytime I tried to install this wad file, I would get an error message. Usually something about retval (-1035).

I tried for a few months to get it all to work, but nothing ever worked. Hundreds and hundreds of Google searches and forum searches showed up nothing at all.

You know you've tried almost everything when all the guides start to sound the same and you can do it in your sleep.

I say almost, because after a while I began to think about what was happening. The 3.4 dowgrades were designed for people that had never used custom ios' and such so perhaps something I had allready installed was causing the problem.

After a fair bit more reading I began to find that Nintendo in their wisdom had block ios249 which is the one used to install cIOS (Custom IOS).

I had also installed a custom IOS quite some time ago to allow me to use my Ripping software at full speed. At least thats what I thought it was for at the time (Yes I know... WRONG WRONG WRONG)

I first tried Any Title deleter to remove IOS249 and this didn't work. Error after error appeared.

I then recalled the big who ha about the cIOS when it came out and how it was considered such a wonderful thing that an uninstaller was provided in the case you didn't want the software. At the time I wondered who the hell wouldn't want it, but I digress.

I ran cIOS uninstaller 1.2 and was given errors. Okay I thought... perhaps I have an older version of cIOS so i'll get an older uninstaller. Yes I know it makes no sense, but thats what I did.

Downloaded cIOS uninstaller 1.0 ran it and within seconds... No more ios249

Holding my breath I now hoped I could follow all those guides and get through installing everything. Obviously without any cIOS installed, ripping wasn't going to happen.

Running through the guide, installed IOS16 to allow the use of Custom Wad Manager 1.3.

Using this I was now FINALLY able to installed cios_fix.wad It felt like my heart skipped a beat when this happend. Finally I'm on the way to 3.2 again.

And thats exactly what happend. after running the IOS downgrader and cIOS downgrader cIOS installer, StarFall installer and blocking updates etc, IOS51 and shop channel install. I'm now all good.

Although on another note..

I got myself wiispeak - So I needed the hardware updates to allow that to work on the wii.

This I found out is really quite simple. The update on the Animal Crossing disc is ios38. So I used wiiscrubber to extract this wad file, used wad manager to install it, and boo yeah.. wii speak working a treat :D