Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Google Streetview - Why is it so?

Simple question.. who uses it???

Why is this such a major update to the iPhone that it was required to be released before frikkin Turn-By-Turn? COME ON APPLE.. think about it!

XBOX vs Wii - A simple test

My brother has just purchase an XBOX 360. He asked me to make an adapter to power the extra dvd drive he has from a pc.

Seemingly this is required because the xbox doesn't use a standard power adapter. Okay fine I can live with that. Why has no one created an app for the 360 that will let you rip the games for backing up over wifi.. ohh thats right... its not a wii.. cough cough splutter splutter. I thought my machine was inferior... turns out... NOT SO MUCH

iPhone 2.2 Update - Better Battery Life

I updated my iPhone to firmware 2.2 this morning, jail broke it using quickpwn as I'm not worried about the unlocking side of things. I have to say the battery life on this is fantastic!

Now it could just be me and wishful thinking however I've been able to send a few text messages make a few calls, make a few voip calls via wifi, GPS all over the city and I still have life left in my battery.

I do however have an idea. Why don't we start measuring battery life. Something simple like play a known mp3 track over and over and see just how long it takes for the battery life on the phone to deplete. Get a number of users who haven't upgraded to do the same thing and average the results.

Then take others that have upgraded, run through the same process and see what kinds of figures we get to.

Now that I think of it. Time to start a post on xsellize.com and see what we come up with.