Monday, November 09, 2009

After scripts to move files and provide notification as it goes

This is the script that runs after each nzb download has occured.

#Mount SMB Share to send files to:
mount.cifs // /mnt/susdown -o user=xbmc,pass=xbmc

# Do the actual copying and notifications via growl/prowl
for f in /root/downloads/complete/*;do{
cp -v -R "$f" /mnt/susdown/
mumbles-send -g "Copy Success" "Copied file: $f">/dev/null;rm -r -f "$f"

mumbles-send -g "Deletion Confirmed" "Remove $f from Server">/dev/nul 2 "File Moved" "File: $f has been moved off the server to SusansPC";

#Unmount share as we dont need it taking up resources

umount /mnt/susdown
Just need to work out how to make the script act based on result codes. Then i could really check if this are being moved... although seems like alot of fucking around to achieve something so simple. This small script lets me play with most things I find interesting about integrating my phone with EVERYTHING i do in some way shape or form.

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