Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frikkin' file permission

I always thought I was pretty good at this linux stuff, there's usually nothing I can't work out how to do or at least get semi-working. But now I come to something thats screwing with my head. I know why its happening, I just can't be bothered screweing with it to fix it....

I use hellanzb now to download files, thats no big deal
When the file finishes the download it goes into a folder on the root partition.

Problem is, when its placed in the folder its not given high enough permissions so that its world readable as I want it to be.

I've currently taken the lazy way out and run a crontab every 15 mins to set this specific folder to chmod -R 777 every time it runs, but this isn't good enough
hellaNZB should be able to save th efile to this folder and not have me need to .......... wait a min.... add both to the same group and inherit premissions from that.... Well done me.. I'm a genious.... and yes i know.... one who can't spell worth shit.

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